Baby Mocks for Babies and Discipline for Toddlers

There are different types of shoes for babies and toddlers. One of the most sought after shoes for babies are Baby Mocks which provide comfort and support to babies and toddlers learning to walk. Baby Mocks provide physical comfort to kids. In addition to providing physical comfort to kids, there are a lot of other things that parents need to do such as make sure their kids are safe at all times and make sure they grow up to be smart and kind adults. One challenge kids and most adults face in recent times is spending too much time on line or on their electronic devices. For young kids still growing and developing mentally, too much screen time can hinder or stunt their cognitive and cerebral growth. Technology and tv is addicting and doing only that all day can be harmful to kids. For this reason and more, parents need to reduce their kids’ screen time and make sure they are not addicted to these devices. They must encourage kids to play outside and play with other kids to develop their social skills and also play with board games and read books to develop and train their minds. Reducing screen time is no small issue and The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has weighed in on it to give parents advice and guidance on how to approach this problem

How Much Screen-Time is Too Much Screen Time?Baby Mocks

It can be hard to answer this question , especially when parents have to deal with demanding toddlers who would kick and scream if their tablets are taken away. To avoid this, it’s a good idea for parents to start early so as kids grow they already understand and learn how to limit their screen time. For babies 18month old and less, any screen time they have should be when they are video calling with a parent or relative. They can watch cartoons but parents should ensure they also play with their toys and parents should read to them always. For toddlers 2 years and on, they might start using their ipads for learning purposes such as doing their homework. Parents should download educational games on the devices for the kids so they can learn as they play. There should be rules such as no screens after bedtime and during dinner

Screen-Free Areas Around the House

One way of controlling screen time is by making certain areas of the house screen free such us the kids bedrooms. This means no TV in their rooms and it could also mean they are not allowed to use their devices in their rooms. This can come in handy when a parent is trying to monitor what they kids watch online. Making sure they are always within seeing and hearing distance when they are on their ipads will also be easier when this rule is enforced. The TV, computers and video games should be kept in a shared are of the house like the living room upstairs or in a wide hallway or in a living room designated for this activity.

Screen Free Days and TimesBaby Mocks

Just as there should be screen free areas in the house, parents should also set screen free days and times of the day. For example their can be a rule that no screens during meals, no screens before school, or no screens on sundays. This will give the kids time to focus on other activities and will give the family some bonding time. Having set rules like this will put the kids in a rhythm of how they should behave and would save parents from having to make a case by case decision of when to allos kids use screen which usually result in the kids whining and winging.

Control What they Do Online

The internet can be a dangerous place, especially for kids. For this reason, parents need to control what kids can see and do online There are apps that can help parents do this such as the Circle by Disney router plug-in which helps parents turn off and on their kids access to the internet. There are also apps that can help parents lock out certain types of content from their kids devices and lock out strangers from being able to contact the kids.

Explain the Reason for the RulesBaby Mocks

Kids are young and vibrant with personalities and wishes of their own. As a parent, when you enforce a rule, it is important that you explain the reason for enforcing this rule so that they can feel part of the process and they can understand you better. When you enforce a rule in the house without telling the kids why they are more likely to rebel or complain or try to break it. But if your educate your kids on the importance of limiting screen time and the dangers of kids being on the internet unsupervised, then they would understand better and are more likely to obey even when the are not under supervision.

Give them Some Control

When you give kids some control and responsibility on when and how they use their screen time, then the rules are more likely to be enforced. For example, you can let them choose what they want to watch TV and what days they want to go screen free. This way they can choose a system that works best for them while still staying within the time limit you set. For younger kids, make them apart of the process by letting them turn off the TV themselves and praise them for a job well done when they do. Do not do things like turning off the TV midway through a  program as that’s just cruel and you’ll end up with a screaming and very unhappy toddler.

Provide Alternatives to ScreensBaby Mocks

Make sure your kids have good alternatives to their screens so they are not left idle when you take away their devices. Get them board games, books, interactive toys etc. Also have family activities like going to the park, family game nig